Give Your Trees a Healthy Boost

Arrange for tree injection or emerald ash borer treatment services in Maxwell & Ankeny, IA

Are you worried about the health of your trees? MaxTurf proudly offers a variety of tree injection plans in the Maxwell & Ankeny, IA areas. Whether you want to protect against pests or increase nutrient intake, we have the treatments needed to help your trees flourish.

Our most popular tree injection plans include:

  • Oak wilts - best for preventing leaf discoloration and dead branches
  • Apple scabs - perfect for keeping ornamental apple trees looking healthy
  • Maple trees - great for making your maple tree look as green as can be
  • Dutch Elm-Disease-This disease is very aggressive and almost always fatal. Preventive treatments are highly recommended.
  • Micro Nutrients- Designed to reduce the impact of chlorosis in your trees. This is often caused by a lack of available manganese, iron, and other nutrients in our Iowa Soils. We can help improve the tree's natural green color and restore the aesthetic qualities of your shade trees.
  • Emerald Ash Borer

Give your trees the support they need to live longer and look healthier. Call us now to find out more about our tree injections.

Keep your trees safe from harmful pests

Keep your trees safe from harmful pests

There are many beautiful trees that we treat throughout the Maxwell & Ankeny, IA areas. But one of the most common species that we help protect is the ash tree. MaxTurf offers emerald ash borer treatment services to deter harmful emerald ash borers, an invasive beetle that can kill your ash tree in as little as four years. With preventive treatment services, you can take a stand against destructive insects.

Reach out today to discuss our emerald ash borer treatment services. We offer free estimates.